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We are all from a ranch family

Far enough back we are all from a ranch family. When our feet are on the ground, overlooking a beautiful pasture dotted with oak trees we feel at home. That connection we all feel is what makes us part of this story. The land you love needs your support to be healthy and thrive. When you buy Grounded Grassfed you are supporting that story, your story. Sign up for our mailing list below to hear about our seasonal ranch outings where you and your friends and family can come be part of the story.  

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the BEST way to ensure the health of your food is to visit the ranch, shake the rancher's hand, look them in the eye, and ask them your questions.

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Move from hope to trust

We at Grounded manage cattle and land because the health of both is essential to us the same way it is essential to you. It is literally why we started this company. There are a lot of claims out there in the marketplace that are not always true. Grassfed beef is not always grass "finished." To really trust that the steak you are eating is not exploding the planet you need to get your boots on the ground.  That’s why at Grounded we have seasonal field days every year where you can do just that. Please join our mailing list and like us on facebook to keep up to date for your opportunity to come out and get your boots on the ground. 

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