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What the Fridge is Going on?

The minute I read through Grounded Grassfed's Website I knew all I wanted for summer Xmas was a cow. But how and what does it mean to purchase a whole cow's worth of food? My mind went on overdrive and I blew up the internet looking for answers.

Who buys a whole cow anyway? Especially when you do not own an Ice Chest! I decided to shop the idea around to my friends. See what they had to say. Immediate reaction, "You can't do that... can you? Don't you need like an ice chest? Wait, a whole cow? That's, that's I don't even know but it's a lot of cow!?"

I have to agree, it is a healthy portion of cow so I started to wonder, was I ready for a monogamous food relationship? Not surprisingly, the answer kept coming back as YES! As I learned more about the cuts, the processes, the methods, the approach, and philosophy of Grounded Grassfed I became more excited. This is going to happen. This has to happen.

However, I can't get a whole cow? Can I? I had to settle down and draw the line. O.k. if I can't get a whole cow how much cow can I fit into my freezer? I blew up the internet again. No luck. Then I reached out to Grounded Grassfed and they had all the answers. Thanks to their advice I went with an 1/8 cow. It was a solid choice. I have plenty of meat and I still have room for Ice Cream from a cow.

All I'm saying is if you want cow from a local sustainable produced source don't let the freezer get in your way. There are plenty of options with Grounded Grassfed and you can find room for other food relationships while you eat high quality beef.

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