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Refer a friend, get some beef
We like your friends

We are grateful as heck to you for sharing your beef, stories, and your thoughts about Grounded with your friends. If you enjoy having Grounded Grassfed at your table and in your tummy please tell your friends.  We like to say that “calories demonstrate caring.” So when you tell one of your friends about Grounded Grassfed and they become a new cow share owner, you get $30 off your next share purchase, and we give them $30 off their new share purchase. Everybody wins. Here is how it works. It’s as simple as 1,2,3.

Friends with benefits Program Policies
You gotta have rules for it not to get weird

  1. To qualify you must recommend someone who is purchasing a unique share for the first time, and separate from your own share.

  2. There is one single $30 credit for the new share owner, and one single $30 credit for the person that recommended them which will be applied to this person's next share.

  3. You do not qualify for the credit if you are purchasing a larger share to split with someone you told about the program. Your awesome benefit is the discounted per pound price that is already just so amazing.

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