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Our model is a direct to the consumer once a year sale of beef harvested at their seasonal prime in late spring. This ensures the best tasting beef, and this is how we do it for our own families. We harvest once a year, put the beef in the freezer and eat it throughout the year where it has been preserved at it's peak flavor. We have suggested family sizes on the share options to help you select the size that is right for you. If you would like to split the share with  friends, you can order a larger share, split the share yourselves and roll around in the savings!

Each total amount of meat per share will be unique, because like humans each cow is unique. After selecting your share size you pay the deposit corresponding to the share you chose. During the shopping process there will be a default shipping page. Please note we do not ship, we only offer local pick up on ranch unless other arrangements have been made. 

get grounded

Once you have picked a share and put down a deposit we will let you know about our pick up options. If for some reason you cannot make the ranch pick up date then we will work with you to find the best way to get the beef into your home and into your tummy. 


When you pick up your beef share we will take the weight of your share, total up the amount to be paid, subtract the deposit and take payment. Checks are best for us for the remainder of the payment, but we do accept all major credit cards as well for your convenience